Data Logger & 3G/4G RTU

2G/3G/4G data logger - ydoc

• Data logging
› 1 second to 1 day intervals
› regular, alarm and independent intervals
› daily operation time bracket (e.g. 07:00AM to 20:00PM or 21:00PM – 06:00AM)

• 5x analog inputs
› 2x current loop inputs (0/4..20mA, 12bit resolution)
› 2x voltage inputs (0..10V, 12bit resolution)
› 1x voltage/potentiometer input (0..3300mV, 12bit, max. 10M) a/o to connect a wind direction sensor

• 3x digital inputs (status, event or puls counter) a/o to connect a flow meter, rain gauge or reed relay based wind speed sensor

• Internal sensors (a/o battery, processor temperature, signal strength)

• 8x calculation channels, to derive engineering values from sensed values using mathematical operators and functions (a/o cos, sin, atan2, ln, sqrt)

Flow Data Logger - DL76

• Battery-powered data logger
• 3.6 Vdc lithium battery included, 3-year battery life
• Compatible with any Seametrics flowmeter
• Uses Seametrics FlowInspector software
• Stores pulses for up to 3 years (depending on sampling interval)
• Available in meter-mount or wall-mount models
• Data retrieval by laptop computer
• Single data retrieval device serves multiple data loggers